Customer Testimonials

Jonah - Milwakee, Wisconsin
I received an iPhone from my finacee, but I am on Sprint, not AT&T. I had the choice between not using the new iPhone or paying a huge early termination fee with Sprint. I did not want to switch to AT&T, so I was left puzzled. Then I found Unlocked iPhones on the Internet and a new solution was presented to me... unlock the phone so I can use it on Sprint. within five minutes of buying, my iPhone was on the Sprint network. This saved me a bunch of hassle and I highly recommend unlocking your iPhone if you haven't done so already.
Susan K. - Los Angeles, Clifornia
Easy to follow instructions - even for a non-techie like myself. I was on Verizon and wanted my new Iphone to work with Verizon as I had no intentions being compelled to switch to AT&T. It's also nice to have my friends impressed that I have all these cool apps loaded on my phone that they cannot get - of course, I recommended you guys!
Virak J. - Bristol, England
I travel internationally for work (UK, US, India, Emirates). I paid over 250 Pounds for my iPhone which worked perfectly with Orange, but I needed the ability to switch SIM cards when I arrived in other countries. Out of the factory, I could not use it abroad, but after unlocking it, I was able to do so. This saved me much hassle, as I like to keep my SMS messages together, and not spread about different phones. It was a very wise investment. Knowing I have access to the software anytime I need it gives peace of mind in case I need to upgrade or buy a newer phone.
Bill - Utica, New York
Completely painless process :) I was skeptical about installing "hack" style software on my $400 phone, but I had no problems at all. Highly Recommended for anyone wanting to get out of AT&T's chains, thanks guys!